Do you want to change or stabilize your way of life? you eat unhealthy and you feel a lack of energy?

Diet STANDARD  - is the perfect solution for people who want to make their lives healthy with properly balanced meals. With it you can lose weight or maintain a healthy physique.


Each course is created in cooperation with our nutritionists, so you can be sure you will not miss nutrients your body needs. Our chefs take care to varied diet. What does it mean? In Menu you will find a wide range of plant and animal products, including dairy products, different types of meat and fish.

We offer several variants of calories: 1,000 kcal, 1,250 kcal, 1,500 kcal, 1,750 kcal and 2,000 kcal. If You do not know which one You should choose, please contact our nutritionists,right now or CLICK HERE to calculate your daily caloric needs.