Are You an athlete or physical activities is your hobby? SPORT Diet was created with you in mind. Between trainings you should take care of the proper diet and regeneration.

Taking care of high caloric content of your meals can be difficult. Especially when you have another hard workout in a moment. Our nutritionists will take care of it for you.


SPORT Diet is very varied and based on high amounts of protein and carbohydrates to ensure proper regeneration after training. You will find products from all food groups, including various types of meat, fish, dairy products, grain product,vegetables and fruits.

We offer several variants of calories :2,500 kcal,2,750 kcal, 3,000 kcal, 3250 kcal, 3,500 kcal . If You do not know which one You should choose, please contact our nutritionists right now, or CLICK HERE to calculate your daily caloric needs.